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AEOLIX TestFest – Testing the Pan-European Platform for logistics

AEOLIX TestFest Supply chain visibility   AEOLIX TestFest takes place on Octobre 18th in Delft, in the Netherlands. The AEOLIX TestFest will show end-to-end visibility and platform component scenarios in different living labs throughout Europe. TestFest objectives:  Demonstrating supply chain end to end visibility  Testing and Connecting to the AEOLIX platform components (CE, dashboard, toolkit)  Testing the ...

Feedback of the World Congress of C-ITS in Australia. (2016)

As we announce to you it earlier during the month of September, Geoloc Systems had the honor to represent the first European project CO-GISTICS completely dedicated to the C-ITS applied to the transport and logistics. To do it, we realized demonstrations from 10th  to 14th  October 2016 aboard a bus of the company  MURRAY'S Coaches. ...

MOBiNET Newsflash: Be part of the mobility of the future! | MOBiNET

MOBiNET Newsflash: Be part of the mobility of the future! | MOBiNET This MOBiNET Newsflash presents you with a project status update; what has been done so far and what the next steps are. Entering its final year, the MOBiNET project is on the verge of having a new platform release available. This newest release ...

ITS World Congress 2017 – Montreal

NeoGLS was present at the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) World Congress in Montreal, from October 29th till November 2nd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIJ1A5avvYw André Perpey, founder and director of NeoGLS,has presented 3 sessions approaching various themes in relation to the C-ITS during this world congress. 3 sessions : 1st session : Innovative C-ITS Services to overcome urban mobility ...

PRISM : development of the new TREE module for the General Council of the Bas-Rhin – on 2016

NeoGLS has the pleasure to pursue its PRISM contract with the General Council of the Bas-Rhin. The CG 67 already uses our PRISM application and it wishes to adapt at the most our solution to their needs. NeoGLS had the honor to develop at present a specific module to allow them to manage their trees. This ...