PRISM : development of the new TREE module for the General Council of the Bas-Rhin – on 2016


NeoGLS has the pleasure to pursue its PRISM contract with the General Council of the Bas-Rhin.

The CG 67 already uses our PRISM application and it wishes to adapt at the most our solution to their needs.

NeoGLS had the honor to develop at present a specific module to allow them to manage their trees.

This new module will allow the agents to:

  • Seize the location of the tree: with the associated data.
  • Inform the description of the tree: with the name of the tree, its botanical name, the physiological stage, etc.
  • Integrate the observations: by comments.
  • Inform about the plantation: age, year of origin of plantation, etc.
  • Seize the data of management: author of the expertise, date, etc.
  • Schedule the pruning: planned year, dates the last pruning, etc.
  • Schedule the slaughter: date of the planned slaughter.

The strength of our solution of automation of the collection and the integration of data geography referenced via a nomadic tool embarked on vehicles used for the exploitation of the road network (PRISM) comes among others from its adaptability, because it is completely customizable at your needs and methods of work as demonstrates it to us the General Council of the Bas-Rhin.


Activities Modules  PRISM used by the General Council of the Bas-Rhin

Road maintenance module

Module métier Patrouillage, PRISM

It will allow to manage all the professional missions a patrol vehicle has, in an electronic way using a tablet. Specific and customized buttons represent the anomalies which need to be managed (erased lines, potholes, damaged safety rails, tree on the road, hydraulic problem…). The interface will be very intuitive permitting in two clicks to create an event. Extra information can be added in order to describe it better (pictures, length, type, description, etc.). These events will be managed from their creation until the anomaly has been.

Intervention Module

Module métier Intervention, PRISM

It will track all the interventions, will manage your phone calls and will identify damages related to accidents. This module will have a clear and intuitive interface allowing it to trace digitally each step of the intervention (arrival time on-site, tow truck arrival, departure of emergency vehicles, different calls received and made, etc.) but also generate detailed reports for the team leader.

Mowing module

Module métier Fauchage, PRISM

This module allows your agents to indicate in a single click if the mowing is or not in progress. Central PRISM receives in real time the data and can quantify the number of passage.

Winter maintenance module

Module métier Viabilité Hivernale, PRISM

This module allows your agents to seize in a single click the snow conditions of the roads on the embarked application. The information is transmitted in real time to the Central application.

Heritage module

Module métier Patrimoine & Ouvrages d'art, PRISM

The heritage management will be very simple and complete with PRISM. Whether the direction signs, traffic police signs, small dams, retaining walls, guardrails, nothing will be missing. A simple click will locate them on the embarked system in order to enter all the data, to manage them, to supplement and export them in your favorite format on the central part. Also this module, when it will be combined with our maintenance module will allow to list and manage damages.

Tree module

Module métier Arbre, PRISM

It will allow to manage all the tree. They will be localized on a map, avoiding the errors of treatment. Every trees will be exactly identified and fields will allow to indicate the state and to establish a diagnosis. A report of treatment and intervention will allow a better follow-up from day to day. Preprogrammed alerts will allow to indicate to the agents of the redundant actions made every year.