Test Kit GLOSA


Test kit GLOSA 2

The solution of test GLOSA allows to realize tests in a completely mastered environment, with a configurable autonomous traffic light (color and duration in particular). The cases of use are also repeatable thanks to scenarios activated by detection of the arrival of the vehicle (for example: case of use minimal speed/maximal speed).

The different steps of the solution of test GLOSA:


  • The operator proceeds to the configuration of the map and the traffic light plan by using the supplied Web-based interface.
  • The autonomous traffic light applies the traffic light plan and diffuses the data (SPAT + MAP) by wireless network G5 (WiFi-P) thanks to the RSU (Road Side Unit).
  • The OBU (On Board Unit) receives these data and transmits them to the application.
  • Then, the application advises the driver.


Option: an operator can oversee and follow the progress of the scheduled operations.

NeoGLS supplies an interface of Web seizure and the cartography, the autonomous traffic light equipped with an RSU (Road Side Unit), an interface of configuration and an interface for follow up (see opposite).

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