NOSCIFEL : An innovative multimodal interoperable platform for the transport of goods

Twelve partners put together a collaborative project called NOSCIFEL, labelled by the French competitivity poles i-Trans and Nov@Log, with the support of PICOM; in order to develop together an innovative and modular platform for the management of the transport of goods with the support of the French financer “Caisse des dépôts et consignation” through the future investment program on the Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS).

The services of confidence of the platform

  • Appointment management for transporters – shippers – receivers
  • CO2 and GHG (greenhouse effect) calculation platform
  • Traceability of goods
  • Management of a bundling and unbundling of goods platform
  • Electronic archiving by a digital electronic safe service

Why and for whom

To answer essentially to the needs of SMEs specialized in transport and logistics by proposing a modular platform giving access to functionalities they need in their everyday work.
The goals:

  • Facilitate the access to the modules necessary for the SME with the possibility to subscribe on demand
  • Promote the interoperability between information systems
  • Improve the competitiveness of SMEs throughout Europe


Appointment management for transporters – shippers – receivers

SERVE : automatic appointment setting.

This service must permit road transporters to organize collection/delivery operations by grouping orders in transport documents, especially by the coordination of appointments with shippers and receivers. It works in an interactive way (HMI) via a navigator and in an automatic way (EDI standard) with information systems belonging to agents, transporters, shippers and receivers.

Embarked SERVE :

The NOSCIFeL platform  also works on smartphone/tablet under Android going from 5 to 10 inches according to your needs.

An intuitive interface allows the synchronization of the information with the real time driver. The latter can:

  • See his weekly schedule.
  • Indicate that the delivery/removals of the goods is made.
  • Associate comments with every removals or deliveries.
  • Benefit from a global view of the traffic conditions of the road network via HERE tool.
  • Supply shipment documents dematerialized in competent authorities. (Example: inform the TP1 GeotransMD that a transport of hazardous materials is in progress and gives the corresponding shipment documents if need).

> Complete dematerialization of your transport document.


Traceability service of goods

STEGE : Service of traceability and geofence

From the information transferred by the embarked application on the smartphone from the driver, NOSCIFEL permits the geolocalization of the goods and to send automatically the notifications under the form of a mail or EDI message to the different actors (transporter, shipper, receiver) when the goods enter a zone (geofence) defined by the user.

Among other things, this service permits the collection and the correspondence of these references with different interfaces connected to information systems which create or use them. The principle of the service is that the supplier of a reference, subscriber of the service, can access the corresponding references linked to the same operation with the permission of the other actors of the transport chain.

Speed Advice

GLOSA : Green Light Optimal Speed Advice

This service indicates to the driver the optimal speed permitting to have a green light. It is quite easy and simple, when the vehicle is in approximately 300 meters away from the traffic light, it will send the speed advice at which you should drive in order to reach the light at green. In this way, you will consume less fuel, CO2 and your global driving time will be lower. This information is available through an intuitive smartphone application.

A Start/Stop idling is considered profitable in economy of fuel only beyond 7 seconds. That is why our smartphone application indicates to the driver to cut the engine if the fire plans to cross in the green after 7 seconds of wait and not to cut him otherwise.

Thanks to these two services you quickly obtain an overview of the state of the traffic lights on the road network in real time. These services were developed through the project Compass4D.

> Save fuel as well as your global driving time.

See our video and C-ITS solutions.

CO2 and GHG (greenhouse effect) calculation platform

SECCO2 : CO2 footprint estimation

The CO2 and GHG calculation platform allows a carrier to calculate the cost of CO2 in stages or all the way to delivery and by product transported .
This calculation can be done in deferred time using the CO2 calculator , indicating the information related to transportation.
It can also be done automatically in the appointment as imaging module with a distance calculation that based on fleet monitoring data.

Most of our application is to have integrated the French standard and the European standard allowing for compliance with all laws .

Service de calcul CO2 et GES (gaz à effet de serre)

A comprehensive coverage of the life cycle of the shippings

Of the planning of the logistic, administrative and commercial operations until the delivery of the goods, the NOSCIFeL platform promises to the actors of the chain of pre-and post-routing, a traceability allowing to assure an operational follow-up of their shippings.

The subscribers can remain connected and share their information to follow their real time goods and watch their good routing.

Tools allow the connection of the platform NOSCIFeL with, among others, Cargo Community Systems (CCS): AP +, AIRPORT+, CIN and of warehouses, such Effitr@ce, by favoring the use of the standards UN/EDIFACT.

” The NOSCIFeL platform allows to facilitate the interoperability of the information systems of the actors of the supply chain and, so, to integrate it the new stakes in the dematerialization which challenge the relations of the actors of the supply chain. ” Christophe Reynaud, MGI.