C-The Difference pilot project has been elaborated on the basis of a shared vision developed and adopted by the consortium partners representing demand and supply sides who have been committed for the last 10 years to bring C-ITS to the market through intensive efforts and long lasting investments in the development and deployment of C-ITS services. This group of pioneers are strong believers in the capacity of C-ITS services to bring efficient and cost-effective solutions to address urban mobility problems with respect to traffic efficiency, safety and impact on the environment.



  1. Deliver comprehensive and integrated impact assessment by means of enhanced evaluation methodology and up to 18 months operation of C-ITS services package.
  2. Bridge the gap between most advanced C-ITS implementations in urban environment and large scale deployment and operations by targeting professionals responsible for urban transport planning and operations, policy makers and decision makers.
  3. Convince European cities to invest in mature and proven C-ITS solutions by fostering and replication through City Twinning Program.


Thanks to NeoGLS team, several C-ITS services are presently available through an intuitive application for Android smartphone : C-The Difference Bordeaux. 


The main C-ITS service : GLOSA, with 589 intersections and 2305 traffic lights

The service GLOSA provided by the app C-The Difference is deployed on more than 589 intersections in Bordeaux urban area for a total of around 2300 traffic lights. The deployment of the service is still going on today in order to cover most of the intersections with traffic lights in the urban area.

C-The Difference developed by Bordeaux pilot site gives the drivers a new way to handle the driving in the city thanks to the road infrastructures information he is given. It especially allows him to adapt his driving when getting close to an intersection managed by traffic lights.


The C-ITS services provided by the C-The Difference Bordeaux app are:

  • Park and ride information
  • Parking information
  • GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory)
  • Emergency vehicle approaching
  • Road hazard warming
  • Road works warming
  • In vehicle signage
  • Red light violation warming
  • Start/Stop Idling


C-The Difference Bordeaux app is today available on Google Play Store from any Android device:

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