NeoGLS at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen!


NeoGLS was present at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen during the week from 17 till 21 September 2018.

NeoGLS has presented a demo of various C-ITS use cases.

The demo has shown a real time vision of activities and events occurring on the road network through various innovative C-ITS use cases. More precisely:

  • The intuitive Android application has warned the driver there is a pedestrian on the road;
  • At every intersection, the GLOSA use case has indicated to the driver the optimal speed to adopt to catch the green light and to avoid stopping;
  • The app has warned the user that there are road works on the road, a few hundred meters in front of him.
  • At midway and through an embeddedVMS, the app has notified the driver that the road is closed, and that he has to turn back;
  • Later, the application has warned the driver that a car is driving the wrong way on the road;
  • Little further, the app has indicated to the user that there is a car accident a few hundred meters in front of him;
  • Finally, along the demo, the app has notified the driver with several in-vehicle messages. »


André Perpey has spoken during the Congress.

On 17th of September, from 1:15 PM to 2 PM, NeoGLS manager (André Perpey) has spoken during the “C-ITS city pool workshop” about up-scaling C-ITS deployment. He has also spoken at the “Special Interest Session SIS78” on the 20th of September, from 3:30 PM to 5 PM about C-ITS deployment in small cities.