C-The Difference, in the perspective of a large-scale deployment


C-The Difference Workshop



On June 5th and 6th, all consortium partners of the European project C-The Difference gathered on the premises of Bordeaux Métropole.

The main interest of this gathering was to present the project, its developments, deployments and first evaluation results (in Bordeaux and Helmond) to more than 55 representatives of European cities (France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Great Britain, Austria, Spain, Sweden…) and to road operators, in the perpective of a large-scale deployment of C-ITS solutions.

Our team, having developed and deployed it in Bordeaux, hase made demonstrations of the C-The Difference application, to show the various C-ITS use cases it proposes : green light optimal speed advisory (GLOSA), road hazard warning, road works warning, in-vehicle signage, red light violation warning, parking information, park and ride information…

As the application is available on Bordeaux and on android smartphone since July 2017 for the general public, results were obtained and presented to demonstrate the benefits on environment, energy cost and road safety.

A beautiful progress towards the road of the future!