A new departement for PRISM


PRISM, our road network exploitation solution joined the department of AUBE

The department of AUBE is now equipped with our PRISM product for the exploitation of its winter maintenance missions.

NeoGLS has implemented an interface for follow-up road conditions and especially the roadway surface state (snow, ice…), so that road users can have access to these informations and adapt their travels and their driving. The active platform is avaiblable for road user from the 3rd of december to the 4th of march 2019 from their web browser or smartphonehttps://inforoutes.aube.fr/publication.html

They can also download the last road informations bulletins that contain informations about roadway surface state, weather conditions, the possible service activities of winter maintenance in the department of AUBE and foreseeable developments of the road state.