This server is delivered in the form of a virtual machine and configured with a set of software allowing the realization of the following tasks:

  • Management of the configuration of the RSU and the OBU
  • Management of the updates of the RSU and the OBU
  • Visualisation of the TLOGS (SCOOP@F)
  • Supervision of Simple Network Management Protocol of the RSU
  • Manual sending of events on the RSU
  • Visualisation of the LDM (Local Dynamic Map) of one or several stations on the map
  • Creation of DENM (Decentralized Environmental Notification Messages) and possibility to send it to a station
  • Creation of a manual event
  • Creation of a DATEX2 message
  • Configuration of SPAT/MAP services
  • Traduction and hybrid broadcasting of DATEX2 events
  • Traduction and broadcasting of In-Vehicle Signage messages (park and ride information, 30 zone, variable message signs)


Possibility to choose your own modules, or even to add new. This Platform is fully customizable and extensible.